Facilitating change, reset and renewal

I offer a unique blend of soulful companionship and agile change leadership support, attuned to these challenging times.

Esther Cameron, Founder


Introduction to our work

In this short video I talk about how I support in-house change work, and the importance of simple, connected conversations.

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My work is focused on three different strands of service:

Consultancy, coaching and facilitation in situ, for leaders and teams wanting to unlock new levels of connectivity, flexibility and performance in themselves and their organisations. Read more

In-house leadership training for groups of experienced leaders in complex and uncertain contexts, curious to explore more grounded, open-hearted, flexible forms of leadership. Read more

Retreat-style webinars and workshops both online and in person, offering a deep immersion for people interested in a series of topics related to leadership in these challenging times. Read more