The soul’s voice can be rather quiet, and is often overridden, particularly in our working lives.

How so? Maybe because it’s a slower, more contemplative part of us that shows itself in many different forms. It moves in unpredictable ways, and is constantly changing according to what’s going on in our lives.

Maybe it’s because the message can be awkward, and might upset our plans – like an odd mood, or a strange happening, or a peculiarly vivid dream.

The challenges we’re facing in this world are overwhelming at times. It’s not possible to rely on purely rational means to become ‘high performing’ and solve our lives. We need to make leaps of trust and try other means.

Some of us leave the ‘soul stuff’ until later in life, when we’ve got more time. Makes sense in some ways: focus on getting somewhere first – living our best life and following our higher ideals.

But that may not be so wise. The popular modern-day mystic Cynthia Bourgeault warns that we need to allow our soul to be our compass in life. If we charge ahead, living indefinitely in denial of soul, it will drain our life energy. I think it might also end up hurting us, and the people and things we love.

I’m currently trying to embrace a call to restore and regenerate myself – a friend of mine called this ‘wintering’. The russet-red stonecrop seed-heads in the picture above grow near my backdoor, and they remind me how you can be restoring yourself inside, even while still visible and doing things. I’m not finding it easy.

If I don’t listen to what my soul is saying, I’m more likely to feel exhausted or get angry or sick or depressed. I love that I’m being told that by my body.

How about you? What is your soul saying to you these days?

So take a moment right now to put your feet flat on the ground. Stand up if possible, and sense right into your feet, imagining your roots sinking into the floor beneath. Take a breath or two.

Who are you in this moment of deeper connection? Let the soul reveal herself.

This time of year we reflect on who and where we are, to understand the story of our lives, and to un-wrinkle ourselves a little – maybe with some tears. This is the soul expanding.

What decisions are you considering at the moment? Perhaps the soul has a view – a strong yes, or a niggle? Or a deep ‘no’.

Those involved in constellations already know that businesses have souls too. If important optimizing principles are overridden on the road to their destination, things get stuck and unhealthy patterns need to be brought into awareness to enable flourishing.

I don’t know what’s best for you, or for me. But I know it’s worth taking space to check in with your mind and body, and hear what the soul has to say.

Do be in touch if you’d like to bring this into your professional life, while still making space for the more rational, more passionate and the higher-minded voices that we all know and love so well!

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