Code of Ethics: Simple Connected Conversations

I/we commit to working in a way that:

  • supports good mental health
  • does not marginalize or abuse any particular group
  • acts as if people and planet mattered
  • encourages every individual to be responsible and mature.

I/we support clients in a way that:

  • strengthens the client entity over the longer term rather than weakens it, or any particular leader or group
  • supports the client team, organisation or network to connect with its deeper purpose, and the way it benefits the world.

I/we interact with all stakeholders in a way that:

  • supports a good quality exchange for both parties
  • does not claim to have experience or training that I/we don't have
  • does not take other peoples’ work and claim it as my/our own.

I/we commit also to developing the quality of my/our work through the use of supervision, personal work, ongoing practice, retreats, reading and seminars.