Coaching, consulting and facilitation

I offer a flexible consulting package for leaders and teams wanting to unlock new levels of connectivity, flexibility and performance in themselves, and in their organisations.

This work always begins with an explorative conversation. If your change issue is relatively contained and you are simply looking for a space to talk, reflect, enquire and maybe get some advice or feedback, a series of three to six conversations may be enough.

If your context is more complex and challenging, and you anticipate needing more 'hands-on' support, it may be sensible to agree a longer initial piece of work. This is likely to begin with a series of conversations and some information gathering, including some of your colleagues in the process.

A more structured exploration often follows, during which I may conduct interviews, observe key meetings where possible, and study core documents, as required by the work. I then present feedback to you and your team, and work with you to digest and respond to the summary findings and recommendations.

After this, I often support clients in a variety of ways to lead the agreed, ongoing work in line with your change agenda. We clarify measures of success, set review points and meet regularly in order to be responsive to what happens.

Whatever ends up happening after the exploration work, it usually provides a very helpful marker if I return at least a few times to support a conversation in which the team, organisation or network reviews its progress against its own change agenda.

In-house leadership training

I run in-house leadership training courses for groups of experienced leaders wanting to experiment with and experience more grounded, open-hearted, flexible forms of leadership.

These courses are a unique opportunity to learn about and practice more 'soulful', context-attuned forms of leadership in a well-contained, relatively risk-free creative space.

More traditional forms of leadership tend to be linear and cognitive, and work well in times of stability, when the context feels predictable and reasonably well under control.

The approaches covered by this type of course offer effective ways of 'being' and acting as a leader when the context is more multi-layered and unpredictable.

There is very little within mainstream leadership education that prepares us for this, so for many people this can feel like a first step. It is important work, and it requires dedication, yet happily there is no right or wrong - only practice.

Topics covered include:

  • experiments with presence; arriving fully, ways we lose our ground, trusting experience
  • conscious conversations; what does it take to listen, what does it take to be open/authentic?
  • moments of truth in organisatinal life: meetings, aloneness, teamwork...
  • cultivating a sensitivity to the 'fields' of connection - beyond and including personal dynamics, loyalty groups
  • leading change with fludity - what's required, how to practice: live case studies

Retreats, webinars and workshops

I run retreat-style webinars and workshops both online and in person. These events are for those leaders who seek a deep immersion into particular topics relevant to leadership in these challenging times.

These events run over 1-3 days and focus on one leadership topic per event, in depth. All topics offered support the development of more soulful forms of leadership - grounded, attuned, flexible ways of working that cultivate healthy working systems.

Current topics under discussion are: becoming a more grounded and present leader; heart-centred leadership - opening to courage, connection and compassion; practicing fluid leadership in uncertain times.