Change Partnering

I offer a flexible change partnering package for system leaders and teams facing tricky issues, and wanting to unlock new levels of connectivity, flexibility and effectiveness in themselves, and in their organisations.

This work always begins with a simple, explorative conversation. If your change issue is relatively contained and you are simply looking for a space to talk, reflect, enquire and maybe get some advice or feedback, a few conversations may be enough.

If your context is more complex and challenging, and you anticipate needing more 'hands-on' support, it may be sensible to agree a longer initial piece of work. This is likely to begin with a series of conversations and some information gathering, including some of your colleagues in the process.

Further exploration often follows, during which I may talk to the people involved in various configurations, and observe or take part in key meetings where possible, while working with you and your team to clarify what needs attention and how best to approach this.

I often support clients in a variety of ways to lead the agreed, ongoing work in tune with your normal business goals and cycles.

Whatever ends up happening after the exploration work, it usually provides a very helpful marker if I return at least a few times to support a conversation in which the team, organisation or network reviews its progress against its own change agenda.

1:1 Spaces

I offer confidential, spacious, non-judgmental, 1:1 sessions for all sorts of leaders - especially those with complex change challenges. Today’s world is full of possibility and opportunity, for sure. Yet the amount of performance anxiety many of us are experiencing, combined with endless uncertainty and 'dropped balls', can feel extremely demanding and disorientating - even overwhelming.

If you are experiencing difficulty being consistent and staying present with your 'thread' at work - and maybe in your home life too, a regular space to connect with a trusted witness and guide, to just be with all of this, can be a very valuable grounding. Strategic and tactical insights can then begin to emerge more clearly.

I offer each session as a space to reflect and explore how you're doing in relation to your work, and to your life. From here, we can take a step back and get a sense of the whole, while also making space to focus on or contemplate particular issues close-up. I'll likely weave-in regenerative/systemic principles and ways of thinking as we go if that feels helpful.

We will make time for new insights to arise, and you can begin to plot out those next steps. Or maybe this space will just be a space to pause, breathe, accept 'what is', get some perspective - and that's enough.

So if you’re someone who wants to show up as the potential you are, in a more truthful, more present and more system-aware way, I can help you find your way through. If this appeals to you, do get in touch.

Sessions are 1:1 on Zoom (or occasionally in person), for 50 mins, usually agreed in batches of 3-6, at a frequency to suit your particular situation and challenges. Rates are attuned to context.

Please get in touch via email if you’d like more information.

Facilitated Spaces

I offer facilitated spaces to support connection, flow, collaboration, letting go, letting come, new stories and visions, and restorative stillness.

More information on request.